Text Wrapping

Products like books, magazines, booklets, etc. may contain large text areas. Large plain texts are boring and they do not allow catching main idea at the first sight. So, if your users want to create eye-catching products attracting attention, they can use rich text. Rich text provides such formatting options as style (bold, italics, and underlining), font, size, and color.

You can add a rich text to a template like it is described in the Point and Rich (Paragraph) Text topic or to a product via the Rich text editor discussed in the Rich Text Editor topic. This topic dwells on the text wrapping feature that allows controlling how images (shapes) and text areas are combined:

Wrapping Text Around Image

The <TWM> marker added to the name of an image layer configures how all underlying rich text areas wrap the image around. Let us create a template that utilizes the wrapping around feature. Add an image layer and a rich text layer to the template and insert the <TWM_xxx> marker in the name of the image layer. The result should look as follows in Photoshop:

TWM marker is tight.

Depending on the value of the <TWM_xxx> marker the template loaded into the editor can be one of the followings:

  1. <TWM_square>: text wraps around the image's bounding box. Rotate the image to see how the text wrapping changes.

    TWM marker is square.

  2. <TWM_tight>: text wraps around the image's shape. Rotate the image to see the difference from the previous variant.

    TWM marker is tight.

  3. <TWM_none>: no wrapping; image overlays underlying text.

    TWM marker is none.


If text is too big to be displayed in a rich text area, it will be cropped. Rich text areas do not resize automatically, when the user is typing text in.

Wrapping Text Inside Shape

When Customer's Canvas wraps text inside a shape, it replaces the text boundaries with the shape's ones. The text and the shape must be defined in a template. When the template is loaded to the editor, only the shaped text is displayed, the shape itself is removed from the product.

Let us see how it works. Create a new template and add a group layer to it. Mark the layer with <PBT> and add a rich text layer and a shape to the group. To prevent the text from dividing into columns use the <TACCC_f> marker:

A template having a text wrapped inside a shape.

When the template is loaded into the editor, the text is wrapped inside the shape. A user can resize and rotate the shaped text like any other object. Also the text itself can be changed.

The template loaded into the editor.

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