In this demo:

Choose fabric color
It is possible to choose one of three fabric colors. Note, it will change not only the underlying layer color, but also the default text color.
Create design from a scratch
Note, it is possible also to load a pre-designed template (e.g. with some custom background, etc), let us know if you need a demo of this.
Add elements
You can add text, shapes and images (e.g. logos). Images can be either pre-selected from a gallery or uploaded by a user. Note, you may use vector PDF files in addition to traditional JPEG or PNG.
Realistic table preview
After you finish designing, you can see a realistic preview image of a table with personalized cover (click Finish).
Printable PDF
If you "approve the design", you will be able to download a print-ready PDF file. Note, it does not contain the fabric color and wherever possible, it is vector and it is 72x29 inches. You can set up virtually any size.