Die-cut lines

Customer's Canvas supports additional layers for bleeding, folding, and die-cut lines to help facilitate post-press processes.

With a single folding line, a bi-fold brochure maintains simplicity while still allowing ample room for images and text. This design will focus on some of Customer’s Canvas’s advanced text features. These features help manage the layout effectively, allow for some interesting text design elements, and make it easier for end-users to add information later.

This demo allows you to experience the intuitive Customer’s Canvas online editor by creating a sticker design from scratch. You may choose a shape, toggle between pricing options, and define safety lines to ensure that sensitive design elements are not cut off during printing. Once the design is complete, you can export it to a print-ready file. Any cut lines will be exported as a spot color so that your printing equipment can process the stickers properly.

Users have more freedom when using Advanced Mode. They can add their own texts, logos, and a variety of other design elements, or they may use backgrounds, clipart, and other elements from the library. The editor can display safety lines, rulers, and gridlines to give users a better idea of how their artwork should be positioned. Crop marks can also be shown on the proof image.