Print embellishments

Finishing options may increase the profit margin of a particular order. Your clients can use the Customer's Canvas editor to design products with a premium look.

Customer’s Canvas makes designing products with finishing techniques like foiling, UV-coating, embossing/debossing just as easy as creating a simple printed design. All changes made to finishing elements are performed in the same intuitive WYSIWYG interface that is used for printed design elements. You can apply a finishing technique to any part of your design, including text, vector objects, logos, and even photos.

In this demo, you can create a place card design, upload the file with variable data, and render the print-ready files. After populating the fields with variable data, you can add a foil embellishment to the design. Customer’s Canvas allows users to convert design elements to a spot channel, so you can see embellishments on the same canvas as the rest of the design.