Background removal

With Customer's Canvas, your end users are able to remove image backgrounds in just one click, right within the editor.

This demo explores how you can restrict users from moving certain layers and only allow them to modify predefined placeholders in a template. This capability can help keep sensitive elements like company branding consistent. With Customer’s Canvas, you can also provide your users with some unique design options that are not standard in many other web-to-print editors. For example, this demo allows users to design a business card with a vertical orientation, which is already far less common than horizontal cards. Rounded corners is another feature that will help your customers’ cards stand out from the crowd.

With a single folding line, a bi-fold brochure maintains simplicity while still allowing ample room for images and text. This design will focus on some of Customer’s Canvas’s advanced text features. These features help manage the layout effectively, allow for some interesting text design elements, and make it easier for end-users to add information later.