Color themes editor

Providing your customers with few color options is always a good idea. Our online editor allows your end-users toogle between different color themes to choose the one that fits them. And you don't have to create different templates, all changes happen in a single product template.

Most tangible promo products have a similar printing workflow. First, you must upload the logo, then position it on the mockup, and finally preview the final result before approving it. The traditional workflow for these products may involve several phone calls and emails between you and the customer before the final product is ready. With an online web-to-print editor, it only takes a few minutes.

Wall calendars serve two main purposes: to keep track of dates and as a wall decoration. The Customer’s Canvas online editor will allow your customers to create an attractive product that will help them organize their schedule as well as provide some unique flair for their office.

Nameplates can come in different shapes and sizes and be made from various materials. Customer’s Canvas allows you to choose from several different options for personalizing plates. You can also create a gallery with the most commonly used icons and logos and specify the formatting of text fields, making it possible for the customer to easily create a nameplate that meets all of their requirements.