Multistep editor

However complex your personalization workflow becomes, Customer's Canvas has got you covered. Customize and configure the editor's widgets to implement any type of personalization scenario with some help from our UI Framework technology.

To create a truly professional design, a high-quality photo made by a professional is often required. Stock photo services are a great way to save time and money by browsing the best images for a brochure or promotional materials. Customer’s Canvas allows your clients to search more than 80 million raster and vector images from Depositphotos. Native integration allows stock images to be browsed in the same way as browsing local image libraries and uploading one’s own files. Purchasing the selected photos is also an intuitive process. The cost of these images is added to the final product price.

This demo allows you to see how you could use Customer’s Canvas to create a comprehensive personalization interface for envelopes that not only includes design personalization, but also enables a variable data workaround.

In this demo, you can create a place card design, upload the file with variable data, and render the print-ready files. After populating the fields with variable data, you can add a foil embellishment to the design. Customer’s Canvas allows users to convert design elements to a spot channel, so you can see embellishments on the same canvas as the rest of the design.