Template-based freehand editor

Pre-designed templates are the best way to help your customers order personalized products that look professional, which is crucial for B2B clients. The template-based freehand editor is the perfect solution for giving your end-users some direction without limiting their creativity. Choose the design limitations, lock certain elements, and give them enough freedom to create a truly personalized design.

Creating a high-quality flyer design often requires two elements: 1) a professional template, and 2) an online editor with powerful personalization features to help your customers add and manipulate content to deliver their message effectively. One of the many powerful features of the Customer’s Canvas online editor is support for desktop application formats like Photoshop or InDesign.

Users have more freedom when using Advanced Mode. They can add their own texts, logos, and a variety of other design elements, or they may use backgrounds, clipart, and other elements from the library. The editor can display safety lines, rulers, and gridlines to give users a better idea of how their artwork should be positioned. Crop marks can also be shown on the proof image.