Upload-based editor

Not every personalization workflow is complex. For some products, the only action required from the user is to upload a photo. The Customer's Canvas web-to-print editor has all the necessary features to streamline the upload process and provide the high-quality final products that your clients expect.

Sometimes a phone or computer screen just isn’t enough for your customers’ favorite photos. This demo shows just how easily one can turn a digital photograph into a high-quality stretched canvas ready for the wall. A single image placeholder in the middle of the template makes this as easy as possible for the user. Safety zones highlight what exactly will be displayed and a realistic 3D preview of the final product ensure your customers’ satisfaction before placing the order.

Rather than creating a photo book design completely from scratch, some users may prefer to work with a template that simply allows them to insert photos. This book layout allows users to do that by filling in photo placeholders. It’s also possible for users to change the layout for each spread, as well as set the background and add captions. This is a great solution for users who want to insert their favorite photos into a template that already looks professional.