Wall art

Maybe it’s a window to a cherished memory, or perhaps an avant-garde piece to add some personality to your home. Whatever the case, wall art is a very popular choice for displaying high-quality prints of our favorite photographs. However, the way a photograph appears in the soft glow of your computer screen is very different from how it will look on a printed canvas. Customer’s Canvas can help your customers visualize the final product as they create it. As users toggle between different mat and frame options for their photos, they will see exactly what they’re getting before it arrives in the mail.

Sometimes a phone or computer screen just isn’t enough for your customers’ favorite photos. This demo shows just how easily one can turn a digital photograph into a high-quality stretched canvas ready for the wall. A single image placeholder in the middle of the template makes this as easy as possible for the user. Safety zones highlight what exactly will be displayed and a realistic 3D preview of the final product ensure your customers’ satisfaction before placing the order.

When your customer designs something like a business card, they more or less know what to expect out of their simple, flat product. A wall frame for a photo presents extra challenges, such as accurately displaying how the photo will look once it is matted and framed. This demo will allow your users to play with mat and frame options and see their changes in real time through a realistic preview in the editor. Don’t leave any room for surprises when your customers receive the final product!