Enable your customers to design personalized packaging products right in their web browser, instantly visualize them in 3D, and export their finished designs to print-ready files.

This demo features all the power of W2P technology for creating packaging that can be used for everyday goods, gifts, or unique designer products. Support for FEFCO and ECMA standards, parametric models, and convenient design editing within the browser are the tools your clients need for creating packaging that will attract their customers’ attention.

This demo will give you a solid understanding of how the freehand mode of our packaging editor works. This workflow all but mimics the same functions you might see in desktop software. You can move any design item without limitations. This mode allows the customer to have full control over the design customization process.

Creating a truly eye-catching design often requires full control over the design process. This packaging editor demo shows how the freehand design tool enables your customers to create an appealing carton box. However, it can take more time and demand more design skills compared to more controlled and restricted workflows.

As personalized packaging becomes more affordable for smaller companies, some of them are looking for an easier way to create a custom box. Even a very basic layout can sometimes make all the difference and help your customers position themselves in the market. This demo illustrates how a customer can create a simple carton box in just a few minutes.

We can’t expect every user to have sufficient design skills to create a decent packaging design. To give them a hand, you can create pre-set layouts and add a background, patterns, text, and image placeholders. This demo displays a workflow where users can’t move design elements to prevent mistakes showing up in the final result.

Creating personalized packaging might be a very tricky process if the box is complicated. It’s simply impossible to accurately imagine how the design on a flat layout will look on the folded surface of the final product. Customer’s Canvas Packaging provides a valuable feature that allows your customers to preview the final result in true 3D even for complex packaging like bottle carriers.