Information signs are still widely used in many different spheres of life. They can be as serious as the warnings for special safety restrictions or a simple gag gift that a teenager would hang on the door to their room. Either way, the process of creating these signs is anything but trivial. Users should be able to choose between different layouts, upload their graphics or choose from libraries, and be assured that sizing and other standards required by law are met without difficulty. The Customer’s Canvas online editor allows you to set the sign size, customize them based on your clients’ needs, and generate a 3D preview to give them a good idea of how their sign will look in real life.

In many cases, businesses must place warning signs at the entrance of the premises or on fences, as required by federal and state law. The standards for these signs have already been developed and they must be adhered to, or a business risks being in violation of the law. Our online editor can be configured so that your customers’ sign requirements (OSHA/ANSI) are met automatically by using fixed layouts, a prescribed set of fonts and text sizes, a gallery of icons, and color schemes.