A custom-made pair of slippers with personalized text, a logo, or an image is a thoughtful gift for anyone who values coziness and comfort. However, this is not an easy product to create an editor for. In order to print the design properly, safety lines must be added, and the resulting file has to be adjusted to fit the manufacturing process correctly. Customer’s Canvas allows you to create templates, set color options, and display online previews to convince the user that the final result will meet expectations.

This demo shows how Customer’s Canvas can be used to streamline the ordering process for tangible products with complex shapes. Clients can choose the color, and then add images and text to the tops and sides of the slippers. The process for personalizing and ordering complex products like slippers has never been simpler.

This demo shows how you can limit the number of colors available for your clients to choose when personalizing the slipper's design.