Technology has given us the power to store thousands of photos in our pockets, but for some memories, a glowing mobile phone screen just doesn’t do them justice. Photo books are a perfect way for your customers to keep and display their most cherished memories. However, the process of creating and ordering a photo book can be quite complex, sometimes demanding many hours and even days to compile the photos in a way that tells the story they want to preserve. To get customers to successfully complete their order, you need to give them the tools that can help them enjoy the creative process rather than endure a frustrating experience. This demo shows different scenarios in which Customer’s Canvas not only makes designing photo books easy – it can be fun, too!

Rather than creating a photo book design completely from scratch, some users may prefer to work with a template that simply allows them to insert photos. This book layout allows users to do that by filling in photo placeholders. It’s also possible for users to change the layout for each spread, as well as set the background and add captions. This is a great solution for users who want to insert their favorite photos into a template that already looks professional.

Unlike the previous demo, customers can take a more hands-on approach and design this photo book from scratch. Users are able to add placeholders of different shapes, frames, clipart, custom elements, texts, and more. This type of photo book is perfect for those users who pay extra attention to every detail and want their hand in every step of the creative process.