Сards and invitations

Note cards, invitations, RSPV cards, thank you cards, and more – these little pieces of paper may sometimes be an afterthought, but they actually symbolize some of the most important events in our lives. For such important events, the overall design is the centerpiece for these cards and needs to be perfect, but there is certainly a personalization element to them as well. That’s why balance is crucial when creating a web-to- print system for this type of product. Customer’s Canvas allows the end-user to seamlessly edit the design and add their personal information while preserving the overall design and keeping it as great as the designer originally intended.

An editing tool appropriate for wedding invitations has to combine many competing differences to be effective. The average customer must be able to personalize the design easily. On the other hand, this is a wedding invitation! A design for such an important event must remain perfect, even after the customer has had a chance to edit it. That is what you will find in this demo – the user is able to change the text content, color theme, layout, and shape without affecting the main design too much. Leave the artistic part to the graphic designer!

This demo allows you to experiment with several options for making the perfect thank-you card. To choose a unique border shape for your card, you can select from a list of different trim options. Upload your images directly from social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram and insert them into placeholders. Use advanced image editing features to touch-up images.

In this demo, you can explore different trim options for the shape of the card, upload images directly from your customer’s device or social media accounts, and insert these images into placeholders. The copyfitting feature is enabled here to ensure that the text will always fit into the text area during the personalization process.

Personalization is currently one of the biggest trends in printing. Personalized messages are proven to be more appealing to their target audience and do a better job at generating responses.