Phone Cases

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and chances are many people you know have the exact same model as you. A great way to add some personality to phones that often come in just a few different colors are personalized phone cases. In the following demos, you will be able to experiment with several different designs of varying complexity, from simple image backgrounds to creating your own design completely from scratch.

Phone Cases

Personalize your phone case with photos and cool backgrounds!

  • Simple mode
  • Choose your own photo

This demo allows users to personalize their phone case with some interesting predesigned backgrounds or photos from their own library. This design mode is about as simple as it gets, and only allows the user to click the icon in the middle of the case and insert the photo. All other editing tools are switched off.

  • Personalize a product very easily
  • Choose from existing designs or your own photos
  • Import photos from Facebook or Instagram
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Add text to your background and experiment with more editing tools.

  • Advanced mode
  • Edit text and other elements

This phone case allows for a bit more complicated design. Users may still add a background like in the first demo, but they can also add a string of text, such as their name. Users are able to toggle on Advanced mode and change the position of the text, background, and the rectangle shape under the text.

  • Add a predesigned background or your own photo
  • Personalize your design with some text
  • Experiment with more design options in Advanced mode
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Use image placeholders to add multiple images!

  • Toggle background color
  • Image placeholders

This example is edited in Simple mode, but still allows for a more complicated design than the previous demos. Multiple image placeholders are arranged tightly together to allow the user to create a collage design with their photos. They can also choose to leave some spaces blank, which will expose their background color of choice.

  • Choose a background color for the case
  • Use several image placeholders to create a collage
  • Use the photos and background together for cool designs
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Get creative with 100% freedom!

  • Start from scratch
  • Edit in Advanced mode

Here you can give your more design-savvy users a chance to make their own creation from scratch using the editor in Advanced mode. Users will be greeted with a prompt that says, “Create your own design!” They can add, move, and delete any element, including images, text, shapes, and even QR codes.

  • Design a phone case completely from scratch
  • Add, move, or delete design elements with Advanced mode
  • Choose from a wide selection of fonts, backgrounds, shapes, and clipart
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Add some flair to your design with this cool placeholder frame.

  • Upload your own designs
  • Stylized placeholders

This is quite similar to the simple background demo in that the user double clicks the placeholder to insert their image, but a frame has been added to the design to make the user’s image look distressed.

  • Add a predesigned background or your own photo
  • Stylized design with distressed placeholder frame
  • The frame and backgrounds work together for interesting designs
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Add multiple photos in a stylized Polaroid collage.

  • Multiple photos
  • Manipulate design elements

This is another collage design that allows a bit more freedom. Users can upload images into frames that make the photos look like old-fashioned Polaroids. They can manipulate design elements, add text, and either choose a color for the background or upload their own image.

  • Add photos to a cool Polaroid frame
  • Move, delete, or add images and text
  • Select a background color or add your own image
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