Stickers are a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to brand an item, whether it be a laptop, box, or clothing item. The right editor for creating personalized labels should not only allow for plenty of creative freedom, but it should also take into account the specifics of the production process for stickers, namely cutting lines and safety zones. A combination of rich editing features and the ability to prepare a print-ready file compatible with a business’s printing and cutting equipment is essential to any web-to-print solution for sticker production.


Simple Sticker

  • Define a sticker shape
  • Save cut lines as a spot color
  • Add price estimation
  • Define safe zones

This demo allows you to experience the intuitive Customer’s Canvas online editor by creating a sticker design from scratch. You may choose a shape, toggle between pricing options, and define safety lines to ensure that sensitive design elements are not cut off during printing. Once the design is complete, you can export it to a print-ready file. Any cut lines will be exported as a spot color so that your printing equipment can process the stickers properly.

  • Show pricing for different styling options
  • Predefine available sticker shapes
  • Export cut lines as a spot color
  • Configure safe zones
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