IItemDefaultConfig Interface

A structure containing common parameters of design elements.

itemConfig = {
    angle: 90,
    opacity: 0.5,
    textWrappingMode: "tight",
    manipulationPermissions: {
        allowMoveHorizontal: false,
        allowMoveVertical: false
    itemPermissions: {
        allowZOrderChange: false,
        allowOpacityChange: true


Optional angle

angle: number

An angle, which design elements are rotated to. By default, this value is 0.

Optional itemPermissions

itemPermissions: IItemPermissionsConfig

A structure defining the Item Menu for design elements.

Optional manipulationPermissions

manipulationPermissions: IManipulationPermissionsConfig

A structure defining the manipulation permissions for design elements.

Optional opacity

opacity: number

An opacity applied to design elements. This value can be from 0 to 1. By default, it is 1.

Optional textWrappingMode

textWrappingMode: WrappingModeType

A wrapping mode applied to wrap text around design elements. By default, it is "none".

Optional visualizationPermissions

visualizationPermissions: IVisualizationPermissionsConfig

A structure defining the visualization permissions for design elements.