The dialog providing rich text formatting options. See the Rich Text Editor topic for details.



    "widgets": {
        "RichTextDialog": {
            "bgColor": "white",
                "specialChars": [""", "’", [ "@", "Custom label" ] ]
            "textOutline": {
                "enabled": true


Optional bgColor

bgColor: string

The text background color in the Rich Text dialog. The default value is "white".

Optional ckeditorConfig

ckeditorConfig: config

An array defining the Special character list in the Rich Text dialog.

Optional createMultiColumnText

createMultiColumnText: boolean

Allows to create multi column text. The default value is false.

Optional richComboValues

richComboValues: IRichComboValuesConfig

An object defining indent and padding values for the Rich text dialog.

Optional textOutline

textOutline: ITextOutline

Text outline dialog for low-contrast text in the Rich Text. The feature is turned off by default.

Optional toolbarConfig

toolbarConfig: object | string

A structure defining configuration of rich text toolbar.

Optional zoom

A structure containing text zoom configuration.