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IPageTemplate Interface

A structure holding settings to create mockups and preview mockups for multipage IDML templates.

const productDefinition = {
    surfaces: {
        // Get surfaces from the multipage template "Booklet.idml".
        file: "Booklet",
        name: "Page {0}",
        pageTemplates: [
            // The default mockup for all pages.
            mockup: {
                down: "bookletPages"
            // The default preview mockup.
            previewMockups: [{ down: "previewBookletPages" }]
            // A mockup and a preview mockup for the first page.
            name: "Page 1",
            mockup: {
                up: "cover"
            location: { X: "30", Y: "83" },
            previewMockups: [{ up: "previewCover" }]


Optional index

index: number

The index of a product page, starting from 0.

Optional location

location: IPointF

The template position relative to the mockup.

Optional mockup

A mockup applied to the surface.

Optional name

name: string

The name of a surface (a page) in the product.

Optional previewMockups

previewMockups: IMockupTemplate []

A collection of preview mockups for proof images.