Year in review — 2019.

ITabConfig Interface

A structure defining tabs of the Asset Manager.

  "widgets": {
    "AssetManager": {
      "defaultTabName": "External urls",
      "tabs": [
          "name": "My files",
          "assetSourceInstance": "My files",
          "iconClassName": "cc-icon-uploadable",
          "controls": { "toolbarEnabled": false }
          "name": "Public Gallery",
          "assetSourceInstance": "Public Gallery",
          "iconClassName": "cc-icon-add-image",
          "controls": { "categoriesEnabled": false }
          "name": "External urls",
          "assetSourceInstance": "[source]External urls",
          "iconClassName": "cc-icon-add-image",
          "controls": {
            "assetNameEnabled": false,
            "insertToAllButtonEnabled": true



assetSourceInstance: string

A name of the structure defining a type, categories, titles, and links to the assets. For details, you can refer to the IAssetSources interface.

Optional controls

controls: object

Additional settings.

controls declaration

  • Optional assetNameEnabled: boolean

    Enables the asset title. The default value is true.

  • Optional categoriesEnabled: boolean

    Enables the Categories panel. The default value is true.

  • Optional insertToAllButtonEnabled: boolean

    Enables the Insert to all button. The default value is false.

  • Optional toolbarEnabled: boolean

    Enables the Asset Manager toolbar with the search box and additional buttons. The default value is true.

Optional iconClassName

iconClassName: string

A class of the tab icon. You can find the complete list of available icon classes in \src\design-editor\Styles\ControlStyles\sp-icons.less.


name: string

A name of the tab.