Customer’s Canvas is a powerful online editor capable of building workflows for custom print designs of any complexity while also providing a user-friendly experience for personalizing them.

Many packaged web-to-print solutions on the market today work well enough, but they can also be rigid and prevent the customizability that many printers want. Customer’s Canvas provides an opportunity for printers to get a solution that is better tailored to their internal workflows and give their customers a more unique and intuitive experience.

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Just about any kind of print product

Business Printing

Business cards, flyers, letterheads, notepads, envelopes, etc.

Photo Products

Postcards, note cards, invitations, photo books, calendars, etc.


Yard signs, posters, banners, etc.


Decals, labels, custom stickers, etc.

Custom Apparel

T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, etc.

Promotional Products

Yard signs, posters, banners, etc.

Wall Decorations

Stretched canvases, framed prints, etc.


Folding carton boxes.

Three major customer segments

Almost all types of print businesses share a common need for a powerful composition engine for their clients’ projects. And not only printers can benefit from this web-to-print design tool. Here are the main three categories of customers integrating Customer’s Canvas in their applications.

Print service providers building their own websites

Customer’s Canvas supports nearly limitless ordering workflows for all kinds of products, easily fits into any custom web-to-print solution, and helps printers build a site tailored for their unique needs that enables them to break into exciting new markets.

Software vendors developing solutions for printing companies

The technical challenges behind developing an effective web-to-print solution are very real, but Customer’s Canvas covers all of these bases: HTML5 web-to-print editors for personalizing templates or creating products from scratch, a server backend to support image processing tasks, and the ability to export designs to hi-res PDF files optimized for printing.

Other software vendors that need personalization tools

Customer’s Canvas can be useful as a personalization engine for other vendors such as brand management platforms, email marketing providers, and marketing platforms working with retailers. These vendors can also use Customer’s Canvas to maintain brand consistency.

Photoshop® templates

Customer’s Canvas supports Photoshop® templates with text, images, shapes, and smart objects. Layers appear in the user interface and can be changed by customers, but you can also control how much they can customize in templates.

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Perfect fit for custom websites and portals

All of these tasks and more can be supported depending on your business’s unique needs:

Generating hi-res files and proof images for personalized designs.

Pre-populating products with data passed from the e-commerce side.

Associating specific stock image galleries with certain products.

Saving and loading customers’ projects.

Manipulating product layers at the design time using JavaScript.

Generating 3D product previews.

Its open architecture and robust API allow Customer’s Canvas to integrate into any system, no matter if it’s an in-house project or backed by a commercial or open-source e-commerce platform.

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Aurigma beats the challenges of implementing web-to-print

Although introducing new technology always presents some challenges, we consider ourselves technology partners in our customers’ ventures and share a vested interest in reducing risks and project costs wherever possible. Our integration team knows Customer’s Canvas inside and out and has experienced just about every use case there is for web-to-print implementation. No matter the situation, Aurigma will be there to help you reshape your business with web-to-print!

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