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5 questions about web-to-print Ecommerce applications answered

What began as a simple tool for creating basic business cards years ago have now evolved into full-fledged editors for creating various types of products with complex designs. This shift is occurring as printing companies and marketing providers have finally come to the understanding that web-to-print technology allows them to diversify their offering and adopt new product categories with a relatively small investment, as well as better serve customers and increase their satisfaction level. In this blog post, we answer five commonly asked questions about web-to-print implementation.In this blog post we tried to answer 5 commonly asked questions about web-to-print implementation.

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Events: Thoughts after Digital Print for Packaging

The Aurigma team recently took part in the Digital Print for Packaging conference, held in Chicago from June 4-5. This event was the stage for unveiling some of the most advanced solutions in the field of packaging printing. After seeing just how much potential is in this segment of the market, Aurigma recently debuted its own product for package design. This conference made us even more confident in the power of digital packaging. Here is a brief summary of the main trends we saw there.

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In-place text editing: complex technology behind simple feature

The main goal of any good graphics editor is increasing conversion rates by leading the customer down a streamlined path to placing their final order. An important element of this is the UX and ease of editing. A convenient and intuitive interface is often an essential part of the buying process. Sometimes, even a small change in this interface reflects a lot of hard work under the hood from a team of highly skilled engineers. Today, we want to share a bit of what we’ve been working on and how a simple improvement to the interface is actually the tip of an iceberg that goes deep down into the moving parts of the editor.

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Meet Customer's Canvas Packaging

The Aurigma team is proud to announce a new product that combines all of the powerful features of web-to-print technology with parametric packaging design.

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New Customer's Canvas online editor Demos

It’s better to see something once with your own eyes than hear about it a hundred times. A good product can speak for itself, demonstrating its capabilities in an environment as close to a real use case as possible. Therefore, we’ve added new demos to show off the rich features of our online editor.

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