Meet us in Chicago on September 10-14, 2017

Under the hood of Customer’s Canvas implementation

When thinking about a web-to-print solution, many visualize a nice-looking online storefront designed for ordering print products. From the outside looking in, it appears as simple as Amazon - you just go to the site, pick a product, personalize its design or create it from scratch, and then add it to the shopping cart. From a technical standpoint, however, it’s much more sophisticated than it looks on the outside...

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Do You Need Customer’s Canvas?

There is a wide range of benefits for printers of any size when implementing web-to-print, yet some may be apprehensive about the possible technical challenges involved. A key element that must work well for any web-to-print solution is the online editor.

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Meet Us This Spring in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Orlando

This March and April we will fly out to 3 trade shows to discuss Customer’s Canvas and other products with our customers.

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Shopify Storefronts for the Printing Industry

More and more companies all over the world see the Internet as a major marketing and sales channel these days.

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What’s New in Customer’s Canvas 4.0

We don’t want to claim to be revolutionaries in the industry, but Customer’s Canvas is just that: revolutionary. In the last few months, we’ve been working hard on a major update for our lovely clients’ favorite web-to- print software. We rolled out Customer’s Canvas 4.0 earlier in November and it is one of the largest updates in the web app’s history - resolving up to 70 tasks in our issue tracker before resolving several additional issues that popped up during the update. Needless to say, we’re very proud of this shiny, new version. Let me highlight some of the most important improvements in 4.0.

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