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New in Customer's Canvas. Vector format support, Web API capabilities and more.

The Customer’s Canvas team is constantly striving to improve our product and expand the functionality of online web-to-print solutions. We take our customers’ needs into account so that they can provide the best service and maximum opportunities to their own customers. Here is a list of features that we have recently added.

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New in Customer’s Canvas. Create more appealing texts with copyfitting

When creating a template, you need to keep in mind that customers may enter text of different lengths during the personalization process. This means that either the size of the text area should be changed, or users must decrease the font size themselves. However, putting that power in the hands of the customer might result in ruining the final design. Limiting the number of characters in the Customer’s Canvas online editor previously solved this problem, but that wasn’t always the case.

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Meet Our Team in Atlantic City at ISS Trade Show

Customer's Canvas team is attending ISS Trade Show and Conference. Meet us on March 15 to discuss how our products can help you. Feel free to contact us by e-mail, and we'll do our best to arrange a meeting.

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Thoughts after PRINT17

Our team at Aurgima worked very hard during the last six months leading up to PRINT17 to make it a successful event. And it paid off very well! While exhibiting at the show, we had a great opportunity to see what’s happening on the ground level of the US print market, as well as make a lot of new promising connections with prospects and key players in the industry. I would like to extend my personal thanks to all customers and visitors who stopped by our booth, as well as our wonderful team who worked nonstop to make the show a huge success.

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Improving Customer Experience for Personalized Products

Every year, new technology surprises us with many innovations that would have been straight out of a sci-fi movie a few decades ago. Despite all our progress, scientists still haven’t managed to figure out the whole time travel thing. For now, the old-fashioned photograph remains the next best thing. Each photo is a fragment of a moment in time that helps us revisit our favorite memories. While the same technological advances now enable us to carry thousands of photos in our pockets today, the special significance of photos prevents many of us from digitizing completely. One only needs to look at how popular photo products are in the printing industry to confirm that, sometimes, it’s just nice to hold a photograph.

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