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Introducing the new Text Engine: overcoming the limitations of web technologies.

Typography is front and center in most print products. It plays a major role in the perception of printed brochures or other text-centric products like menus, flyers, and more. Unfortunately, typography is where many web-to-print solutions fall short compared to desktop publishing software. The Customer’s Canvas team has put a lot of effort into bringing you the brand new Text Engine – technology that brings professional-grade text editing features to the web.

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Customer’s Canvas Back Office: Bridging the gap between e-commerce and web-to-print

Setting up a web-to-print integration can be deceptively complicated. Each product comes with design templates and their assets, including available options like colors, fonts, and other elements. If you have a broad range of products, managing them requires a lot of time. Customer’s Canvas Back Office is our latest technology that simplifies the workflows for configuring products for print service providers. This means that, when integrated into a client’s e-commerce platform, even non-technical staff can set up product configurations, which are then available for ordering on the client’s website.

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A Better Customer’s Canvas: July’19

Our development team is devoted to making Customer’s Canvas the market’s most powerful web-to-print editor. We’ve been adding new features on a near-daily basis to ensure that our technology is, and remains, the best solution for your next project. To keep you informed on these developments as they come out, we decided to start a new tradition of posting a blog each month that summarizes the latest and greatest Customer’s Canvas features.

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Variable Data Printing: current applications, drivers, and challenges

The printing industry has a real talent for adapting to the current landscape and overcoming any obstacles in its path. To keep those engines of evolution fueled, it’s important to identify and consider the factors that drive it. Advancements in printing technology, customer behavior, and the state of the economy are all contributors to an industry landscape that is constantly shifting. In order to remain competitive no matter how each of these factors is dialed in, printers must be prepared to adapt to keep their services in step with the current market requirements.

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Customer’s Canvas APIs overview: A powerful set of tools for all web-to-print use cases

Customer’s Canvas has come a long way in just four years, from a simple business card editor to a powerful tool for personalizing almost any type of product online. Now, it’s become a flexible solution capable of performing almost any imaginable customization scenario. The magic behind this flexibility is a set of APIs that enable data interchange between modules within Customer’s Canvas or third-party services. In this blog post, we’re going to give you a walkthrough of the different APIs that are available in Customer’s Canvas.

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