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Insights and perspectives in packaging and labels. Exploring the latest trends.

22 March 2024
Insights and perspectives in packaging and labels. Exploring the latest trends.

In the ever-evolving world of print, the packaging and labels sector stands at the forefront of innovation and growth. Recent findings from NAPCO Media Research illuminate this trend, showcasing labels and packaging as the fastest-growing segments. This growth is not just a statistic; it's a response to a deepening need for brand differentiation and the expansive rise of e-commerce. As a leading figure in the web-to-print technology space, Customer’s Canvas has witnessed first-hand the shift towards digital solutions that cater to the market's demand for speed, flexibility, and customization.

Why digital printing is reshaping the industry

Digital printing is redefining what's possible in the packaging and labels market. Let’s delve into why:

  • Tailored for efficiency. Our internal data echo NAPCO’s findings that 65% of brand owners view the efficiency of short runs as digital printing's prime advantage. Customer’s Canvas leverages automation to cut down the high costs traditionally associated with short-run production.
  • Meeting demand on-demand. With 56% of brand owners appreciating on-demand printing, Customer’s Canvas seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms. This ensures that print providers can meet any order size promptly, mirroring the real-time production and delivery model that modern e-commerce thrives on.
  • Customization at Its core. Nearly half of the brands surveyed prioritize customization. Our platform’s powerful online editor supports extensive personalization and versioning capabilities, simplifying the design process for a diverse range of products.
  • Innovating market testing. The agility to produce test batches affordably is crucial for 30% of brands. Customer’s Canvas enables efficient market testing, allowing brands to refine designs based on consumer feedback without a hefty investment.
  • Exclusive releases made easy. The desire to produce limited edition packaging is growing, with 29% of brands focusing on exclusivity. Our solution’s flexibility ensures that these special releases are not just possible but streamlined and effective.

Design’s Influence on purchasing decisions

NAPCO’s research highlights a significant challenge: 38% of brand owners struggle with designing packaging that drives purchasing decisions. Our web-to-print solutions directly tackle this by offering an intuitive editor that includes 3D previews and pre-designed templates. This approach not only simplifies the design process for non-professionals but also significantly enhances the purchasing experience, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

Digital adoption: no longer an option but a necessity

The digital transition is inevitable, with nearly 80% of brand owners looking for partnerships with digital providers. This shift is a testament to digital printing's essential role in current and future operations.


Customer’s Canvas is at the forefront, offering the tools and services needed for businesses to embrace digital effectively.

The trend of versioning

The demand for variety has led to an increase in versioning, a trend that digital printing is uniquely positioned to accommodate. This flexibility allows for a rapid response to market trends and consumer preferences, a capability that our clients have successfully leveraged to meet the growing demand for customized and rapidly introduced product versions.

Future outlook

The insights from NAPCO Research, combined with our clients' experiences, underline the pivotal moment for the digital transition in the packaging and labels industry. It’s clear that to stay competitive and relevant, embracing digital printing technologies is not just advantageous—it’s imperative.

As the industry continues to evolve, Customer’s Canvas remains committed to supporting businesses through their digital transformation journeys. If you’re ready to explore how digital printing can elevate your offerings, we’re here to help.

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