About Aurigma

Aurigma is a provider of image composition, design personalization, and prepress automation software for print service providers and marketing companies. Since its founding in 2001, Aurigma has accumulated valuable imaging experience through the development of highly professional image processing software development kits (SDKs).

After working with customers from the printing industry for several years, we had a clear idea of the imaging challenges that companies were faced with when developing web-to-print solutions. We decided to apply all of our image processing and web development expertise to help the printing industry with the focal point of any web-to-print system – the ability for users to design products right on the website in their browser.

If your solution needs any sort of functionality that allows clients to create personalized designs of any complexity, Aurigma can be a provider of such technology for your project.

Customer’s Canvas W2P SDK

Customer’s Canvas W2P SDK is a powerful suite of APIs that can automate various workflows for design personalization.

Customer’s Canvas comes with a highly customizable HTML5-based image editing user interface that can integrate into any 3rd party application. A user can create a design from scratch or use a template. They can edit, remove or upload images, and add or modify text fields. Once a design has been completed, Customer’s Canvas will generate an output for your application as a high-resolution print-ready PDF file.

Sometimes you may prefer to work with the image-processing core without the user interface. For example, your system may need to personalize a design programmatically by filling in template placeholders in JavaScript and generating a proof image based on user input. Customer’s Canvas W2P SDK exposes an image-processing RESTful API that can be used by both your web and mobile apps.

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Customer’s Canvas Packaging SDK

Customer’s Canvas Packaging SDK is a web-to-print API that can integrate into any 3rd party site and is specifically designed to automate workflows for creating personalized packaging products.

This solution comes with a module that allows the programmatic generation of die cut templates based on parameter values like width, height, depth, thickness, and so on. These parameters are used to create folding cartons and corrugated products based on FEFCO and ECMA standard package models as well as custom ones. The SDK is packaged with a very user-friendly HTML5-based editor that visualizes a die cut template and allows users to create packaging designs. They can upload their own logos and pictures, add text layers and packaging symbols, as well as place QR and barcodes into the design.

Additionally, the software includes the ability to generate a 3D preview of a design and view it from different angles, making it much easier to identify and fix possible flaws at the design stage.

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Graphics Mill SDK

Graphics Mill SDK is a robust ASP.NET imaging API that can be used for batch image processing, manipulating PSD-based image templates, generating PDF files, accurate color conversion between RGB and CMYK, extracting metadata, applying clipping paths, and much more.

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