IShapeItemDefaultConfig Interface

A structure defining common shape parameters.

    "defaultItemsConfig": {
        "rectangle": {
            "borderWidth": 2,
            "borderColor": "rgba(155,0,0,155)",
            "shapePermissions": {
                "allowChangeBorderWidth": false


Optional angle

angle: number

Optional borderColor

borderColor: string

The shape border color. The default value is "rgba(0,0,0,255)".

Optional borderWidth

borderWidth: number

The shape border width, in points. The default value is 1.

Optional fillColor

fillColor: string

The shape fill color. The default value is "rgba(112,112,112,255)".

Optional itemPermissions

itemPermissions: IItemPermissionsConfig

Optional manipulationPermissions

manipulationPermissions: IManipulationPermissionsConfig

Optional opacity

opacity: number

Optional shapePermissions

shapePermissions: IShapePermissionsConfig

Defines permissions for shapes.

Optional textWrappingMode

textWrappingMode: WrappingModeType

Optional visualizationPermissions

visualizationPermissions: IVisualizationPermissionsConfig