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Text Wrapping in Customer's Canvas

Products like books, magazines, booklets, etc. may contain large text areas. Large plain texts are boring and they make catching the main idea, at first sight, difficult. So, if your users want to create eye-catching products that attract attention, they can use rich formatted text. This text type can wrap around other elements or inside shapes.

To wrap text in your products, you can just enable this feature in InDesign templates through the Text Wrap panel. In Photoshop templates, you need to apply markers to objects being wrapped.

Customer's Canvas provides four ways to combine images (shapes) and text areas:

  • Text wraps around the image's bounding box.

    Wrapping around the bounding box.

  • Text wraps around the image's shape.

    Wrapping around the shape.

  • Images overlay underlying text.

    No wrapping.

  • Text appears inside a shape.

    Shapes wrap text.

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