Basic structure for IConfiguration, contains editor settings.


Optional alignToSafetyLineName

alignToSafetyLineName: string

Name of a safety line to which an item will be aligned; if there is no safety line with the name, then the item will be aligned to the first safety line in the safety lines array.

Optional arbitraryResizeForImageItemEnabled

arbitraryResizeForImageItemEnabled: boolean

If enabled, a user can resize an image item in an editor without keeping the original aspect ratio. Otherwise, images can be resized only proportionally. The default value is "false".

Optional autoLoadUserInfo

autoLoadUserInfo: boolean

If true, then a product is automatically populated with predefined data when it is loaded into the editor; the Load my info button is not displayed. See the Working with User Data topic.

Optional canvas

canvas: ICanvasConfig

A structure containing canvas settings in the editor.

Optional defaultLanguage

defaultLanguage: string

A default interface language. See the Localization of Customer's Canvas topic for details.

Optional deleteItemConfirmationEnabled

deleteItemConfirmationEnabled: boolean

Enables the confirmation dialog when deleting an item from a product.

Optional fontListMode

fontListMode: FontListModeType

Mode of the font list, "Simple" or "Advanced". The simple mode allows a user to select font and set font size; the advanced mode also provides an ability to change font style. The default value is "Advanced".

Optional galleryOnly

galleryOnly: boolean

Displays only the image Gallery containing the private tab; the web-to-print editor is not displayed in this mode. The default value is "false".

Optional grid

Grid configuration. See the Rulers and Grids topic for details.

Optional imageEditorEnabled

imageEditorEnabled: boolean

Enables Image editor.

Optional initialMode

initialMode: ModelModeType

Initial mode of the editor.

Optional loadUserInfoButtonEnabled

loadUserInfoButtonEnabled: boolean

Displays the Load my info button. See the Working with User Data topic.

Optional newImageName

newImageName: string

A default name for a new image layer: the first layer is named newImageNameValue, the second one is newImageNameValue_1, the third layer is newImageNameValue_2, etc. By default the name of the image file is used.

Optional perSurfaceConfiguration

perSurfaceConfiguration: IPerSurfaceConfiguration

A configuration of widgets, that is defined for separate surfaces.

Optional rendering

rendering: IRenderingConfig

Hi-res output and proof images configuration. See the Configuring High Resolution and Proof Images topic for details.

Optional restoreProductOnReloadEnabled

restoreProductOnReloadEnabled: boolean

Enables restoring product state when the design page is reloaded; if false, then product is reverted on reloading.

Optional revertProductConfirmationEnabled

revertProductConfirmationEnabled: boolean

Enables the confirmation dialog when reverting a product to its initial state.

Optional spellCheckEnabled

spellCheckEnabled: boolean

Enables spell checking for product text fields and for the Rich text dialog.

Optional widgets

widgets: IWidgetsConfig

Configuration of the editor widgets. See the Customizing User Interface topic for details.