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Technology that simplifies the workflows for managing your web-to-print integration. When Back Office is integrated into a client’s e-commerce platform, even non-technical staff can set up product configurations, which are then available for ordering on the client’s website.

Customer's Canvas Back Office
Bridge the gap between e-commerce and web-to-print

Bridge the gap between e-commerce and web-to-print

Implementing web-to-print into your new or existing storefront can be a painful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Customer’s Canvas Back Office streamlines the initial setup and further management of product designs, assets, configurations, and e-commerce integrations.

Intuitive interface

Customer’s Canvas Back Office provides an easy and intuitive admin panel that simplifies the process of organizing and managing your web-to-print assets, which can dramatically reduce time-to-market, especially if you have dozens of online product offerings.

Intuitive interface

Manage your design assets

Streamline management of the many assets that are required to create product designs, including...

Design filesFontsColorsImages

Create a design from scratch or import files created in Adobe InDesign or Photoshop, then make changes to them as needed. Define how a specific element can be personalized in the editor. Filter, sort, and search designs as well as create duplicates or delete them.

Design files

Expand your creative options by adding new fonts that can be attached to your designs.


Experiment with a vast palette of colors to create your templates as well as limit your end-users to specific color options for a particular product.


Upload and group images to use them in public galleries available to your end-users.


Manage product templates

A template is the set of options that are applied in the online editor to personalize a specific product from your online storefront. Use Back Office to create templates and navigate through them.

Use uploaded design files, fonts, artwork, and color profiles.

Add designs and assets

Set up template attributes like product defaults, available options, validation, and more.

Configure attributes

Build the configuration and design the appearance of online editors tailored for different product types, from commercial printing to gifts and specialty items.

Configure online editors

Make sure that a created editor works the way you intended and link it to the product in the connected e-commerce system.

Test and integrate editors into your storefront
Add designs and assetsConfigure attributesConfigure online editorsTest and integrate editors into your storefront
Manage third-party integrations

Manage third-party integrations

Regardless of how many online storefronts or domains you have, Customer’s Canvas Back Office simplifies the management of your integrations to ensure that your web-to-print environment works properly.

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