Template-based content editor

Sometimes the branding guidelines are so strict that the content is the only thing that can be changed. The Customer's Canvas online editor allows you to lock every design element and limit your clients' changes to only their text and logo.

An editing tool appropriate for wedding invitations has to combine many competing differences to be effective. The average customer must be able to personalize the design easily. On the other hand, this is a wedding invitation! A design for such an important event must remain perfect, even after the customer has had a chance to edit it. That is what you will find in this demo – the user is able to change the text content, color theme, layout, and shape without affecting the main design too much. Leave the artistic part to the graphic designer!

This demo explores using templates created in Adobe InDesign to personalize a menu design for a restaurant. An uploaded template can be modified by the end user, including any image or text layers.

Users have more freedom when using Advanced Mode. They can add their own texts, logos, and a variety of other design elements, or they may use backgrounds, clipart, and other elements from the library. The editor can display safety lines, rulers, and gridlines to give users a better idea of how their artwork should be positioned. Crop marks can also be shown on the proof image.