Flyers are often used to catch the attention of potential customers and inform them about your product or a special offer. To achieve this, it's necessary for an effective flyer design to be catchy and illustrative while carrying across the message clearly. The Customer's Canvas online editor provides your end-users with the ability to use high-quality stock images and advanced text editing capabilities to create a professional, eye-catching flyer that delivers their message to their target audience.


Basic Flyer

  • InDesign templates support
  • Advanced text editing capabilities
  • Variety of fonts and text options
  • Multicolumn text support

Creating a high-quality flyer design often requires two elements: 1) a professional template, and 2) an online editor with powerful personalization features to help your customers add and manipulate content to deliver their message effectively. One of the many powerful features of the Customer’s Canvas online editor is support for desktop application formats like Photoshop or InDesign.

  • Personalize an InDesign template
  • Use advanced text editing capabilities to personalize the message
  • Choose from a variety of fonts and text options
  • Upload your own logos and images
  • Add multicolumn text
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Depositphotos Integration

  • Browse the DepositPhotos library
  • Search images using keywords or categories
  • Insert high-quality images into your design
  • Purchase images seamlessly

To create a truly professional design, a high-quality photo made by a professional is often required. Stock photo services are a great way to save time and money by browsing the best images for a brochure or promotional materials. Customer’s Canvas allows your clients to search more than 80 million raster and vector images from Depositphotos. Native integration allows stock images to be browsed in the same way as browsing local image libraries and uploading one’s own files. Purchasing the selected photos is also an intuitive process. The cost of these images is added to the final product price.

  • Get access to millions of stock images from DepositPhotos
  • Browse different categories or search images using keywords or IDs
  • Select images and insert them into a placeholder or transform them freely
  • Purchase selected images in a single click
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