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Multicolor logo pens

Promo products like branded pens are a common yet very effective way for your customers to increase their brand recognition. When working with tangible goods, it is very important to enable your customers to see how their design will look in 3D so they can know exactly what they’re getting before ordering. The Customer’s Canvas editor has the ability to generate realistic 3D previews and gives your customers the freedom to personalize their promo products, creating some truly memorable representation for their company.


Multicolor logo pens

  • Color schemes
  • Realistic 3d preview
  • Toggle between mockups

Most tangible promo products have a similar printing workflow. First, you must upload the logo, then position it on the mockup, and finally preview the final result before approving it. The traditional workflow for these products may involve several phone calls and emails between you and the customer before the final product is ready. With an online web-to-print editor, it only takes a few minutes.

  • Upload an organization’s logo
  • Insert a logo within an image placeholder
  • Change the color scheme of mockup
  • Preview the result in 3D
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Plain logo pens

  • Color schemes
  • Realistic 3D preview
  • Recoloring artwork
  • SVG/PNG file support

Your customers typically will want to choose between several different color options for their pens. However, it can be a problem if the color of the uploaded logo clashes with the pen’s selected color. Customer’s Canvas has the capability to recolor logos so that they look great with any color your customer may want to use for their product. It works even if the logo was uploaded in a raster format.

  • Upload an organization’s logo
  • Change color schemes
  • Pick a position to place the logo
  • Select different colors for uploaded artwork
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