Business cards

Business cards are a great example to show off the exciting features that web-to-print has to offer. Below are several sample business cards of varying complexity that demonstrate the flexible functionality of Customer’s Canvas, which can be applied to a wide variety of products.

This demo explores how you can restrict users from moving certain layers and only allow them to modify predefined placeholders in a template. This capability can help keep sensitive elements like company branding consistent. The color themes feature allows users to change the style of their card by applying predefined color sets.

This demo allows users to only modify predefined placeholders in a template, which can help keep sensitive elements like company branding consistent. This is a simple product with only a front side.

Users have more freedom when using Advanced Mode. They can add their own texts, logos, and a variety of other design elements, or they may use backgrounds, clipart, and other elements from the library. The editor can display safety lines, rulers, and gridlines to give users a better idea of how their artwork should be positioned. Crop marks can also be shown on the proof image.

Customer’s Canvas makes designing products with finishing techniques like foiling, UV-coating, embossing/debossing just as easy as creating a simple printed design. All changes made to finishing elements are performed in the same intuitive WYSIWYG interface that is used for printed design elements. You can apply a finishing technique to any part of your design, including text, vector objects, logos, and even photos.

After receiving an order from your online storefront, you must prepare the job before sending it to print. Customer’s Canvas can automate this part of the ordering workflow by creating a print-ready file with an imposed sheet layout for printing.