Do you need to use your web-to-print application to generate dynamic print designs? If this sounds like you, then Customer’s Canvas RESTful API may be the solution you’re looking for.

One reason printers choose a web-to-print solution is to save time and money, which can be accomplished by generating dynamic print designs programmatically. Several use cases require this functionality, such as:

Web-to-print editors for personalized prints. These editors can generate dynamic designs based on user input so both you and your clients can customize products online.

Variable data printing solutions. Harnessing the power of variable data has never been easier with our solution that allows you to combine a static print template with a list of variable elements in order to get a print-ready file.

Upsell modules for web-to-print sites. Clients usually want more if they know the option is available. If a customer is ordering some new business cards, you can customize your web-to-print site to display matching letterheads and envelopes that will encourage them to add these items to the order.

All of the above situations carry out the same process:

  • The application loads a static design template into the web-to-print editor.
  • The content and/or settings for specific image and text layers are dynamically changed.
  • The personalized design is exported as a PDF file or raster image.

Customer’s Canvas comes packaged with a RESTful API that can carry out this process seamlessly.


Web-to-print applications can use an AJAX request to “instruct” Customer’s Canvas to load a specific template and unpack its layer structure, content, and the properties of each layer. Your JavaScript code will then change specific layers in the template and upload it back to the server. The final result is a customized version of the design in a print-ready format.

RESTfull API workflow


Adobe Photoshop support

Dynamically customize, manage, and organize PSD files. Save time by using PSD templates in your web-to-print editor

Live content with fixed layouts

Unlock a new level of customization using live content to make dynamic personalized prints.

Design authoring

Avoid costly mistakes by only allowing end-users to change what you want in predefined layers, keeping the layout and branding consistent.

Product previews generated on the fly

Both you and your customers can generate live product previews based on user data in the web-to-print editor.

Dynamic designs with 3D previews

Your end-users will no longer have to imagine what their final products will look like with dynamic 3D previews.

Dynamic color themes in designs

You no longer need to create a separate PSD template for different color themes. You can use the editor to change the colors in a single template at runtime.

Adobe Photoshop Templates

Customer’s Canvas RESTful API allows you to work with the program you know and love by enabling Adobe Photoshop support for your web-to-print application. When you upload a PSD file, the application breaks it down into layers, extracts their content and settings, programmatically changes them, and saves the result to a PDF file or other image format. You don’t even need to open Adobe Photoshop to achieve this.

Adobe Photoshop

3D Previews for Dynamic Designs

Many printers prepare products that will be used on a 3D surface. With Customer’s Canvas RESTful API, you can generate 3D previews for such products with dynamic designs applied to them.

For example, let’s say you are building a website for wines with custom labels. You develop an editor that allows users to select pre-designed wine labels, personalize them, and order them. If your label designer is rooted in Customer’s Canvas RESTful API, then not only can you render a preview for the flat version of the label, you can also see how it will look on the final project by displaying the bottle with the completed label.

3D-preview of products