Customer’s Canvas can significantly facilitate ordering workflow for custom publishing. Make ordering customized photo books and magazines simple and inexpensive.

HTML5 photobook editor for your web-to-print site

Custom multipage products without designers involved

If your print firm specializes in custom publishing - printing personalized multi-page products, e.g. photobooks and magazines, Customer’s Canvas can be a great help in the pre-press process.

The usual scenario for the process may look like this:

  1. You prepare a number of pre-designed templates/themes (for wedding, birthday, baby shower, etc.).
  2. A customer chooses a template.
  3. They go page by page and populate them with their photos, texts and other personal content.

The step 3 is typically the biggest problem – users either have to be well trained to use professional design tools or they need help of skilled designers.

Create templates with familiar tools

No doubt, professionally looking designs is a key in your business. When you put a great effort into making the templates as complete as possible, customers have no other option than to end up with results fully meeting their expectations.

A good template is not only about the eye-catching design. It should also represent a complete story. The customer just complements it with their texts and photos and turns this story into something special for them personally.

To create great templates, you have to unleash designers’ creativity. You don’t want them to struggle with the unknown and limited tools.

Designs for Customer's Canvas are created with a tool familiar to any professional designer – Adobe Photoshop. A designer may add a variety of elements:

  • Background
  • Images
  • Image placeholders
  • Masks
  • Single line text labels
  • Multi-line text areas
  • Vector shapes
  • … and other elements

As a designer, you can define degree of freedom the end-user will have on each element when personalizing the template. You can enable the user to change each object in all possible ways or, in contrary, try to preserve the design and allow for changing only certain elements.

Create photobook and magazine templates in Adobe Photoshop

What user sees is what user gets

When the user personalizes the template, they don’t have to deal with a complicated designing tool. They just fill in text and image placeholders and all changes are immediately reflected in the editor.

Importing photos is very simple, no matter if the user uploads them from a computer or a mobile device. It is even possible to grab them from their Facebook or Instagram account! Images can be resized and cropped right in the placeholder.

Photobook design

Large sizes is not a problem at all

Even a single book or magazine template may exceed few hundreds of megabytes. It could be a significant obstacle for a user, but fortunately Customer's Canvas is smart enough to load only web-optimized elements that are visible on the screen. That’s why it works fast, generates reasonable amount of web traffic, and allows working with virtually unlimited number of pages.

Get preview and printable result file automatically

When the user finishes personalizing a photo book or a magazine, Customer's Canvas automatically creates proof images so that the user could confirm that everything is done correctly. When the confirmation is received, a printable hi-res PDF file is generated.

You can configure PDF generation settings such as resolution, color space, color profile, etc. And there is no limit for the output product size or a number of pages!



Vector output, PDF/X-4 supported



Hi-res raster data, both RGB and CMYK



Proof images compatible with all browsers

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