With Customer's Canvas your customers will be able to place orders for any kind of printed marketing materials - from postcards and calendars through flyers and brochures.

Online builder for marketing products for your web-to-print site: flyers, calendars, brochures…

Import and edit templates

Great design is a key factor for promotional and other marketing materials. That's why Customer's Canvas presumes that your designers create templates in Photoshop, then you import PSD files to Customer's Canvas and then your users modify the template by typing in their data and uploading their logo.

Each element is stored in a separate layer and you have full control over each layer - whether you want the user to edit it, move, change its font settings, etc.

A template may contain backgrounds and overlays, image and text placeholders and even multiline text areas!

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Create marketing product templates in Adobe Photoshop

WYSIWYG editor

When users open a template in Customer's Canvas editor, they don't have to deal with a complicated image editing tool. They just fill in text in placeholders and insert their images, and all changes are immediately reflected in an editor. The data may also be pre-populated from a database and inserted automatically through an API.

The user's images may be taken from your public bank of images or uploaded. They may insert photos not just from their computers, but also social networks.

Another important kind of image supported by Customer's Canvas - QR codes, are exceptionally useful for promotional materials.

Your marketing products may consist of more than one page. A user may add new pages, copy its design from a previous page, or use a design for this page from a template.

If for any reason a Simple Mode for the editor is not enough for your users, you may enable an Advanced Mode for them. In this case, they will be able to move elements, change fonts, add or delete text or image blocks (as long as your template allows doing it). The editor simplifies the design process with a help of grid and safety lines.

More about WYSIWYG
HTML5 editor allows users creating marketing products in the WYSIWYG mode

Save a printable result file

As soon as a customer finishes editing a template and proceeds with an order, Customer's Canvas saves the result and generates a print-ready result file. It supports various output file formats (JPEG, PDF, PNG, etc.), dimensions, color space (RGB or CMYK). Be sure to provide the correct ICC profile for correct color management.

There is no limit for an output image size. Customer's Canvas is equally great for business cards and street billboards!



Vector output, PDF/X-4 supported



Hi-res raster data, both RGB and CMYK



Proof images compatible with all browsers

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