Customer's Canvas is a right product personalization tool if you are printing stationery, such as letterheads, return address labels or envelopes.

HTML5 stationery editor for your web-to-print site: letterheads, returns address labels, envelopes

Create templates

Customer’s Canvas has all tools for your designers to prepare templates for envelopes, letterheads or other stationery:

  • Insert backgrounds, images and texts
  • Add placeholders for a logo or a return address
  • Define non-printable areas, such as a window in an envelope
  • Single text strings or multiline text areas
  • Various fonts and paragraph settings
  • Create several pages or sides

Designers may use Customer's Canvas editor in an Advanced Mode to create templates or import them from multilayer Photoshop (PSD files).

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Stationery editor

When a user modifies a pre-designed template, the editor user interface should not look like professional desktop publishing software. All it should give is an ability to specify the user's data and show a preview image.

Customer’s Canvas follows this idea. In the default Simple mode, the user just does the following:

  • Upload a logo
  • Types in return address, company name and other data
  • Switches between several backgrounds pre-defined by your designers
  • Add multiple pages if applicable for a product

If necessary, you can give the user an ability to switch to an Advanced Mode and allow modifying the design. The designer may define what particular elements are editable.

Using Customer's Canvas API you can pre-populate the user's data, manage a gallery of cliparts or configure the editor's other capabilities.

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Get print-ready result file

When your customer finishes personalizing a stationery template, Customer's Canvas automatically creates a result file. Depending on the configuration, it may be JPEG (raster) or PDF (vector), RGB or CMYK. You can specify ICC profiles for color management and output resolution.



Vector output, PDF/X-4 supported



Hi-res raster data, both RGB and CMYK



Proof images compatible with all browsers

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