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BoundedTextItem Members

The BoundedTextItem type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method BoundedTextItem Overloaded.


Name Description
Public method Accept Overloaded.
Public method ApplyPermissionsConstrain (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public method ApplyShapePermissionsConstraint (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Protected method ApplyThemeColor

Tests whether the specified object is a Item instance and is equivalent to this Item.

(Inherited from Item.)
Protected method CanSetIsVariable (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public method Clone

Returns a copy of this model component.

(Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public method DeepClone<TItem> (Overrides BaseTextItem.DeepClone<TItem>(TItem).)
Public method Equals Overloaded.

Tests whether the specified BaseItem instance is equivalent to this BaseItem.

Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method OnParentContainerChanged

Subscribes to an event on changing the parent container.

(Inherited from Item.)
Protected method OnPermissionsChanged

Subscribes to an event on changing the item permissions.

(Inherited from Item.)
Protected method OnPropertyChanged

Subscribes to an event on changing the specified property of this ModelComponent.

(Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public method SetColorProfile (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Protected method SubscribeToPermissionChanged (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Protected method Transform_TransformChanged

Subscribes to an event on changing the item transforms.

(Inherited from Item.)
Protected method UnsubscribeFromPermissionChanged (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)


Name Description
Public field ContainerName (Inherited from Item.)
Public field FromLayout (Inherited from Item.)
Protected field IncludeBorder (Inherited from RectangleItem.)
Public field Placeholders (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public field SourcePathId (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public field Tags

Attributes of this model component.

(Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public field Values (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)


Name Description
Public property Alignment (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property AltBorderColor (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public property BlendMode

Gets or sets the blending mode specified for this Item.

(Inherited from Item.)
Public property BorderColor (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public property BorderWidth (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public property CharacterLimit
Public property CheckTextCrop (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property Color (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property Dash (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public property FillColor (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public property FixedBorderWidth (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public property Font (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property HorizontalScale (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property Id

Gets or sets a unique identifier of this model component.

(Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public property IsRichText (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property IsTextPlaceholder (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property IsVariable

Gets or sets a value of the isVariable property.

(Inherited from Item.)
Public property IsVertical
Public property ItemPermissions

Gets or sets ItemPermissions specified for this design element.

(Inherited from Item.)
Public property Leading (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property Locked

Gets or sets a value defining whether this item is locked for editing or not.

(Inherited from Item.)
Public property ManipulationPermissions

Gets or sets ManipulationPermissions specified for this design element.

(Inherited from Item.)
Public property Mask (Inherited from Item.)
Public property MaxLineCount (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property MaxLineLength (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property Name

Gets or sets a name of this model component.

(Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public property Opacity

Gets or sets a value defining this item opacity.

(Inherited from Item.)
Public property OriginalHorizontalScale
Public property OriginalText (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property OriginalVerticalScale
Public property OverflowStrategy
Public property OverlapLinesEnabled (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property ParagraphSettings
Public property ParentContainer

Gets or sets a parent container.

(Inherited from BaseItem.)
Public property PreviewScale (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property PreviewText (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property ScheduledFitMode
Public property Shadow (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property ShapePermissions (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public property ShrinkMode
Public property SourcePath (Inherited from ShapeItem.)
Public property SourceRectangle (Overrides BaseTextItem.SourceRectangle.)
Public property Stroke (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property Text (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property TextPermissions (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property TextRectangle
Public property TextWrappingMode

Gets or sets a value defining how text should wrap this design element.

(Inherited from Item.)
Public property ThemeBinding (Inherited from Item.)
Public property Tracking (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property Transform (Inherited from Item.)
Public property Type

Gets a type name of this design element.

(Inherited from BaseItem.)
Public property Underline (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property Version

Gets version of this model component.

(Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public property VerticalAlignment
Public property VerticalScale (Inherited from BaseTextItem.)
Public property VisualizationPermissions

Gets or sets VisualizationPermissions specified for this design element.

(Inherited from Item.)
Public property WrappingMargin

Gets or sets the margin between a design element and this BoundedTextItem.


Name Description
Public event PermissionsChanged (Inherited from Item.)
Public event PropertyChanged

Occurs when a property of this model component is changed.

(Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public event TransformChanged (Inherited from Item.)

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