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Aurigma.DesignAtoms.Model Namespace

This namespace contains entities used to create the object model of print products.


Class Description
Public class Container

Represents the base class for containers.

Public class CropMark

Defines crop marks.

Public class DataSet
Public class FontSettings

Represents such font settings as the PostScript name, font size, faux styles, and the allCaps style.

Public class ItemMask
Public class MockupContainer

Contains methods and properties defining the appearance of mockups in the viewer, high-resolution outputs, and proof images.

Public class ModelComponent

Contains basic properties for Product, Surface, SurfaceMockup, PrintArea, Container, and BaseItem.

Public class PrintArea

Defines bounds of the area to be printed.

Public class Product

Represents a printing product. It is the primary class in the object model.

Public class SafetyLine

Defines safety lines.

Public class ShadowSettings

A structure defining properties of the text shadow effect.

Public class SpotColorContainer

Visualizes spot colors in the viewer.

Public class State

Contains methods an properties used to store an internal Product representation and the viewer configuration.

Public class StrokeSettings

A structure defining properties of the text stroke effect.

Public class Surface

Represents a product page.

Public class SurfaceBinding
Public class SurfaceContainer

Creates containers for design elements.

Public class SurfaceData
Public class SurfaceDataCollection
Public class SurfaceMockup

Defines a set of mockups for a Surface.

Public class TextureContainer

Visualizes textures in the viewer.

Public class Watermark

Represents a watermark.


Interface Description
Public interface IWatermarkItemsBuilder


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PdfBox

Specifies the PDF page box to crop hi-res outputs.