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Aurigma.DesignAtoms.Model.Items Namespace

This namespace contains classes and enumerations used to create and configure design elements.


Class Description
Public class AutoScaledTextItem

Represents auto-scaled text.

Public class BarcodeData

Data that can be encoded into a barcode.

Public class BarcodeItem

Represents a barcode.

Public class BarcodeItem.EncodingOptions

Contains options to encode barcodes.

Public class BarcodePermissions

Defines permissions for working with barcodes in the viewer.

Public class BaseItem

Represents the base class for design elements.

Public class BaseTextItem

Represents the base class for text elements.

Public class BaseTextItem.BaseTextValue

Represents the item name and content.

Public class BoundedTextItem

Represents bounded text.

Public class ContentItem

Contains methods and properties used to work with the content of image placeholders.

Public class ContentPermissions

Defines permissions for the content of image placeholders and barcode placeholders.

Public class CurvedTextItem

Represents curved text.

Public class DashedLineItem

Represents a dashed line.

Public class EllipseItem

Represents an ellipse.

Public class FrontendPermissions

Defines permissions for violation warnings.

Public class GridItem

Represents a grid.

Public class ImageItem

Represents an image.

Public class ImageItem.ImageItemValue

Represents the image name and value.

Public class ImageItem.ImageSource

Defines the image source.

Public class ImageMetaData

Contains StorageId corresponding to an image.

Public class ImageMetaData.ImageSize

Represents the width and height of images.

Public class ImagePermissions

Defines permissions to change images.

Public class Item

Contains general properties and permissions of design items.

Public class ItemPermissions

Defines permissions to change design elements through the toolbars in the viewer.

Public class ItemToolbarPermissions

Defines permissions to change design elements through the Floating Item Toolbar in the viewer.

Public class LineItem

Represents a line.

Public class LinePermissions

Defines permissions to change line properties in the viewer.

Public class ManipulationPermissions

Defines permissions to manipulate design elements on the canvas.

Public class MockupVisualizationPermissions

Defines appearance of mockups on the canvas, proof images, and hi-res outputs.

Public class PathBoundedTextItem

Represents bounded text.

Public class PlaceholderItem

Represents an image placeholder.

Public class PlaceholderPermissions

Defines permissions to change image placeholders.

Public class PlainTextItem

Represents plain text.

Public class PolylineItem

Represents a polyline.

Public class RectangleItem

Represents a rectangle.

Public class ResizeGripsPermissions

Defines permissions to resize design elements.

Public class ShapeItem

Represents a vector shape.

Public class ShapePermissions

Defines permissions to change vector shapes.

Public class SourceOrigin

Defines an image source to create images.

Public class TextPermissions

Defines permissions to change text elements.

Public class ThemeBinding

Defines properties of themes and styles applied to design elements.

Public class VisualizationPermissions

Defines appearance of design elements on the canvas and hi-res outputs.


Interface Description
Public interface IBoundedTextItem
Public interface IWrappedTextItem

Provides properties for the text wrapping feature.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BarcodeSubType

Specifies QR code subtypes.

Public enumeration BarcodeType

Specifies supported barcode types.

Public enumeration FitMode

Specifies how to fit the bounding rectangle to text.

Public enumeration ImageItem.ImageSource.SourceType

Specifies image source types.

Public enumeration OverflowStrategy

Specifies the mode of the text overflow strategy.

Public enumeration PlaceholderItem.HorizontalContentAlignment

Specifies the horizontal alignment for the content of image placeholders.

Public enumeration PlaceholderItem.ResizeMode

Specifies the mode of resizing the content of image placeholders.

Public enumeration PlaceholderItem.VerticalContentAlignment

Specifies the vertical alignment for the content of image placeholders.

Public enumeration ShrinkMode

Specifies the text shrink mode.

Public enumeration Unit

Specifies the measurement unit.