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PlaceholderItem Class

Represents an image placeholder.

Namespace: Aurigma.DesignAtoms.Model.Items
Assembly: Aurigma.DesignAtoms (in Aurigma.DesignAtoms.dll)


public class PlaceholderItem : ShapeItem


To implement arbitrary shapes, this class inherits from ShapeItem. By including ContentItem, objects of this class can contain images. You can set the content resize mode to either Fit, when the whole image is shown, or Fill, when an image part is shown so that no empty spaces remain in the placeholder after inserting user images. In both cases, the content is resized proportionally. You can add decorative frames to placeholders. These images can behave as a background or overlap the content. Objects of the PlaceholderItem class contain the background frames in the bottomFrames collection and the overlapping frames in topFrames.

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