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Configuring Amazon S3 Buckets

This topic describes how you can arrange S3 buckets, get access keys, and configure permissions in your AWS account.

First, navigate to the S3 service in the AWS console and create two S3 buckets: one for the assets and another for preview images. You can upload your assets into the first bucket and leave the second one empty.


The preview images will be displayed in the Asset Manager. If you don't use a bucket for these images, they will be generated every time the user opens the Asset Manager.

After you have created your buckets, you must set up the CORS configuration.

Defining CORS Configuration

In the bucket list, click the name of your bucket for preview images, click Permissions, and click CORS configuration.

Defining CORS in Amazon S3.

In the configuration editor, define the following config and then click Save.

        "AllowedHeaders": ["*"],
        "AllowedMethods": ["PUT","GET"],
        "AllowedOrigins": ["*"],
        "ExposeHeaders": []

Getting the Access Keys

To get access tokens:

  1. In the top toolbar, click your account name and then click My Security Credentials.
  2. Create a group: click Groups, click Create new group, type in a group name, click Next step, select the amazonS3FullAcess policy, click Next step again, and click Create group.
  3. Create a user: click Users, click Add user, type in a user name, click Programmatic access, click Next permissions, select a group created in the previous step, click Next twice, and click Create user.

If successful, you can see the user's Access key ID. To display the Secret access key, click Show.

Access keys for a new user in Amazon S3.

Now, you can specify these keys in the configuration of the Google Drive web service as S3.AccessKey and S3.Secret.

When you complete configuring the web service, you can enable an Amazon S3 source in the Asset Manager and browse assets from these buckets in the Design Editor.

Now, let's learn how you can set up the Google Drive web service to access the assets in Amazon S3.

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