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Customer's Canvas supports the IFrame API and Web API. Customer's Canvas 5 introduces a software development kit (SDK) and a Design Atoms Framework. This new framework includes a back-end C# API and a front-end TypeScript API that provide a direct access to the product model.

In the Getting Started with IFrame API topic, you can find examples of using the IFrame API. This API, which represents the IframeApi.js JavaScript script, allows for flexible and complex configurations, changing a product configuration at runtime.

In the Using the Design Atoms Framework in IFrame API topic, you can learn how to work with the product model in the IFrame API.

The Working with the Object Model topic illustrates how you can create both custom online design editors and stand-alone desktop applications.

Also, Customer's Canvas provides the Web API for working with the Design Editor and rendering product templates.

When you embed Customer's Canvas into an e-commerce system or develop your original site, you can use our UI Framework. The UI Framework topic describes how you can implement a step-by-step workflow to edit and order print products.

To implement personalized rendering without loading the Design Editor, you can use the Dynamic Image API.

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