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Creating Product Templates

This section describes how you can create templates for Customer's Canvas. This web-to-print solution supports three types of templates. You can design them in either Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, or Customer's Canvas itself.

This section explains in detail how you can define image placeholders and text objects, provide content for texts and images, and more. Having mastered this section, you will learn how to design templates of any complexity for various products from simple business cards and flyers to products with complex layout.

To set up the behavior of design elements, you can either define their permissions in JSON files or add markers to layer names in templates. For example, you can specify whether the user is allowed to move, resize, or change the element or not. The Supported Markers and Setting Markers Outside of Templates topics tell how you can manage the permissions.

In This Section

Creating and Editing Templates in Customer's Canvas
Elements for Creating Designs in Customer's Canvas
Supported Markers
Setting Markers Outside of Templates
Defining Marker Shortcuts
Text Elements in Customer's Canvas
Image Placeholders
Specifying the Image Source Folder
Stroke and Shadow Effects in Customer's Canvas
In-String Placeholders and Text Validation
Text Wrapping in Customer's Canvas
Barcode Placeholders
Restricting Editing Designs to Certain Regions
Product Themes
Product Layouts
Group Elements in Customer's Canvas
Photoshop Templates
InDesign Templates