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Photoshop Templates

Customer's Canvas provides wide customization capabilities using Photoshop templates. This solution works with multi-layer PSD files containing images, texts, shapes, and smart objects. The color format is either RGB, CMYK, or Grayscale. However, you cannot feed an arbitrary PSD file to the web-to-print editor. This section describes in detail what are valid PSD templates from a view of Customer's Canvas and what elements they may contain.

The Overview of Creating Templates in Photoshop topic contains a tutorial for a simple business card template.

The 3D Preview Mockups topic describes how to implement 3D preview in Customer's Canvas using product mockups.

From the sample gallery, you can download PSD files illustrating features of Customer's Canvas.

In This Section

Overview of Creating Templates in Photoshop
Non-rectangular Image Placeholders
Using Smart Objects in PSD Templates
Placeholders with Frames
Point and Paragraph Text
Stroke and Shadow Text Effects
Curved Text
Multi-Column Text
Typographic Designs
Setting up Fields with Predefined Values
Text Wrapping
3D Preview Mockups
Sample PSD Files