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IAssetManagerConfig Module

A structure defining tabs of the Asset Manager. For details, see The Asset Manager topic.

  "widgets": {
    "AssetManager": {
      "maxUploadFileSize": 2048000,
      "defaultTabName": "External urls",
      "tabs": [
          "name": "My files",
          "assetSourceInstance": "My files",
          "iconClassName": "cc-icon-uploadable"
          "name": "External urls",
          "assetSourceInstance": "External urls",
          "iconClassName": "cc-icon-add-image"


Name Description

A structure defining tabs of the Asset Manager.


Optional defaultTabName

defaultTabName: string

The default tab is displayed when you open the Asset Manager; it should be one of

Optional maxUploadFileSize

maxUploadFileSize: number

The maximum size of files that can be uploaded through the Asset Manager, in bytes. This value must be 102400 (100 kB) or more. By default, this value is null, and the size of uploaded files is not limited.

Optional saveAllowedTabAfterInsert

saveAllowedTabAfterInsert: boolean

Allows you to restrict the image selection only to the asset tab from which an image was selected. If true, your users cannot open another tab. The default value is false.


tabs: ITabConfig []

The array of tabs available in the Asset Manager. The IAssetSources interface allows you to define the sources of these tabs.