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IDepositPhotosConfig Interface

A structure defining properties of the Depositphotos source.



  "assetSources": {    
    "[source]Deposit Photos": {
      "type": "DepositPhotos",
      "apiKey": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "size": "XL",
      "insertItemConfirmationEnabled": false,
      "startingQuery": "cats"

  "widgets": {
    "Toolbox": {
      "buttons": [
          "type": "AssetManager",
          "action": "Image",
          "translationKey": "Toolbox.IMAGE",
          "iconClass": "cc-icon-add-image"

    "AssetManager": {
      "tabs": [
          "name": "Deposit Photos",
          "assetSourceInstance": "[source]Deposit Photos",
          "iconClassName": "cc-icon-deposit-photos"


Optional actionMode

actionMode: IActionModeParsed


apiKey: string

The key required to use the Depositphotos API. To get this key, contact Depositphotos.

Optional insertItemConfirmationEnabled

insertItemConfirmationEnabled: boolean

Displays a dialog box informing your users that they will need to pay for images at checkout. The default value is true.


The size of images returned by the Depositphotos API.

Optional startingQuery

startingQuery: string

The search query that will be executed for the first opening of the Depositphotos tab. If not specified, images are loaded by the most popular query.


type: "DepositPhotos"

Optional userId

userId: string

Allows you to filter assets by a user identifier in Depositphotos. By default, such a filtering is not performed.