IRemoteSourceConfig Module

A structure defining properties of such remote sources as Google Drive.



  "assetSources": {
    "[source]Google Drive": {
      "type": "RemoteSource",
      "url": "",
      "subfolder": "/animals/cats/",
      "fileSortTypes": [
          "asc": "createdTime",
          "desc": "createdTime desc",
          "title": {
            "en": "Creation time",
            "de": "Erstellungszeit"
          "asc": "starred",
          "desc": "starred desc",
          "title": {
            "en": "Starred",
            "de": "Markiert"
      "requestParams": {
        "corpora": "domain",
        "allowedItemOwnership": "all"


Name Description

A structure defining the appearance of the root folder.


A structure defining options to sort assets.


Optional actionMode

actionMode: IActionModeParsed

Optional fileSortTypes

fileSortTypes: ISortType []

The sort order of folders in the navigation tree of the Asset Manager.

Optional folderSortType

folderSortType: string

The sort order, according to which a list of images appears in the Asset Manager's gallery.

Optional requestParams

requestParams: object

Additional parameters of HTTP requests. For example, you need to pass the token and corpora properties for the Google Drive source in the case if you have a service account. The Google Drive source can also take allowedItemOwnership specifying what asset types should appear in the Asset Manager: personal, shared, or all.

requestParams declaration

  • [name: string ]: string

Optional rootFolder

rootFolder: IRootFolderConfig

Optional rootId

rootId: string

Restricts access to images by specifying a rootId. Alternatively, you can specify IRemoteSourceConfig.subfolder if the subfolder has a name.

Optional subfolder

subfolder: string

Restricts access to images by specifying a subfolder name. Alternatively, you can specify IRemoteSourceConfig.rootId if the subfolder has an ID.


type: "RemoteSource"


url: string

The location of a service communicating with the remote source. In the case of Google Drive, this is an address where you set up the Google Drive web service.