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IGalleryDialogConfigParsed Interface

Obsolete. A structure defining settings of the Image Gallery. For details, refer to the Using the Image Gallery topic.

The GalleryDialog is not supported since Customer's Canvas 5.16. You can only enable the Asset Manager to select images.



"GalleryDialog": {
    "defaultTabName": "Public",
    "tabs": [
          "name": "User",
          "type": "user",
          "translationKey": "GalleryDialog.TAB_USER",
          "canEdit": true,
          "canUpload": true
          "name": "Public",
          "type": "public",
          "subFolderName": "Flyers",
          "canEdit": true
          "name": "Facebook",
          "type": "facebook",
          "canEdit": true,
          "appKey": "123456789012345"


Optional allowedExtensions

allowedExtensions: string []

The file extensions that a user is allowed to upload to the Gallery. This array may contain any combination of "jpg", "jpeg", "png", "bmp", "gif", "tiff", "svg", "pdf", "ai", "psd". The default value is ["jpg", "jpeg", "png", "bmp", "gif", "svg", "pdf"].

Optional autoInsertUploadedFile

autoInsertUploadedFile: boolean

If true, the Gallery closes as soon as it uploads a user image. After that, this image is automatically inserted into the placeholder or image layer. The default value is false.

Optional backgroundColorPickerEnabled

backgroundColorPickerEnabled: boolean

Enables the Color Picker when selecting a background. The default value is false.

Optional defaultTabName

defaultTabName: string

The default tab opened in Gallery; it should be one of ITabDescriptorParsed.name.

Optional insertToAllButtonEnabled

insertToAllButtonEnabled: boolean

Allows for changing backgrounds of all product surfaces at once. The default value is false.

Optional overwriteExistingFiles

overwriteExistingFiles: boolean

Allows for overwriting images with existing names in the Gallery. The default value is false.

Optional saveAllowedTabAfterInsert

saveAllowedTabAfterInsert: boolean

Allows you to restrict the image selection only to the gallery tab from which an image was selected. If true, your users cannot open another tab. The default value is false.

Optional showTabsInRestrictedMode

showTabsInRestrictedMode: boolean

Enables an ability to upload photos and select private photos even if the <IASF> marker is used. The default value is false.

Optional tabs

The array of tabs available in the Image Gallery. If you define the tabs array, then the outdated properties are ignored.